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Hi everyone,

this is going to be the Cliff Burton Encyclopedia. At least I hope so, as this needs help from you girls and guys out there.

As every true Cliff Burton Fan knows, the 25th Anniversary of his untimely death was on September 27th, 2011. I thought this would be a good idea to keep the memory alive, by providing a platform for fans made by fans and not something that only is editable by the site owners or administrators. 25 years is a damn long time, but I think that there still are new and old Metallica fans or bass players out there which want to know more about the guy.

As this is an early version and a lot of things need to be done, this wiki, as the Wikipedia, is depending on user input. Don't be afraid to create or edit pages, all changes are reversible and you can ask me for help.

In the future I will add new tools to this wiki that will make it easier for you to help with this project. The look also will change. If you have any suggestions, you can reach me by mail or posting a note on my discussion page.

To help, you do need to register and authenticate first, as we don't want vandalization of the valuable information put here.

One thing I am asking from you though, please, when registering here, do not use the usernames Cliff Burton, Clifford Lee Burton and variations without distinct additions like your birth year, any number, location like your country. e.g. cliffburton1974, cliffburtonHU or what else you come up with are fine. Please see this restriction as paying respect for Cliff. I will block those anyways in the future.

Most of the old fans, like myself too, have given or gave themselves the nick Cliff, but be honest... i think you get what I am trying to say.

I have in mind to make this a place to collect informations such as songs or Metallica Albums co-written by Cliff, concert dates, pictures of course, equipment he used, his influences, early life, family, habbits, tattoo, fan tattoos, fan art and fan stories, how you learned about Metallica, Cliff itself and his death. In short: all that you find valuable to collect and to be mentioned. Please just don't use text passages from other pages without the knowledge and approval by it's authors, especially from the commerical biography TO LIVE IS TO DIE.

Thanks in advance!

Marco / User:Webrockers

Germany, September 12th 2011


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